About me

I’m a life coach and I live in London with my lovely husband and our grown-up children when they are in town. I’ve worked in the area of wellness, mental health, relationships and parenting for many years now and I continue to be enthralled by new ways of viewing life’s challenges. I attend ongoing training given by the experts and it is their views that I share on my blog so that we can all benefit from what is new and different so that we can rethink our received wisdoms from our upbringings and do things differently, and maybe better, in 2018.

I volunteer at The Listening Place, a charity set up in Pimlico, London, to support people with suicidal thoughts, so I also blog about the myths and views and ways to support people suffering from the most extreme level of acute depression imaginable. It touches many people’s lives…

I call myself a ‘global citizen’ having lived in Zambia (where I was born), South Africa (where I grew up), Hong Kong where I had my first child, Dubai (twice), Alexandria in Egypt, Istanbul in Turkey, Singapore and now in the world city that is London. It is an immense privilege to live in this city with its cross-roads of cultures and what feels like, to me, the epicentre of the world.

I would love to hear your views and your experiences on the blogs, so I invite you to join in the conversation with me and with the other readers. Sometimes that one comment left by someone can make a huge difference to someone else.

These are the sort of areas I cover:

Wellness: ways to keep a positive framework and an open and empathetic perspective

Mental Health: information from the experts on issues that are touching our lives more and more like self-harming and acute depression and even suicidal thoughts

Relationship matters: how to keep your relationship on an even keel

Parenting: we think it’s hard when they’re little and we are totally sleep-deprived and then … it gets harder and the stakes get higher …

I hold a post-grad certificate in business and personal coaching at an MA level from the University of Chester, UK, and am accredited as a coach by the International Coaching Federation. I am trained as a volunteer Listener by The Listening Place.

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